What are assets? Types available; image gallery, plain text, source code, web content, forms.


Components are a form-based type of reusable content. When inserted on a page, it acts as a form with required fields to be populated.

Edit Regions

How to edit regions of the page.


Size limit, naming convention, fix invalid names and inspect image.


How to insert, modify or add a class to a link.


How to Log in and Log out.


Where to update main navigation. What level access is needed to do so.

Page Properties

Add or delete editable regions, change heading, title, and other fields through properties or Gadgets. Compare, view or revert a page to previous Versions.


Publish versus submit a page. Saving a page version.


What they are, how to use them and guidelines.

Template Sets

Business and College template sets and where to update specific areas.


How and where to upload files and when to publish them.


What is usability and why is it important?



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The file in a new section must be published when pages are ready to be published for the first time. Otherwise, runtime errors will occur. If the pages have been published and this error is received, proceed with publishing the file.

When you want to reuse a page but not have it public facing:

  • From the Page List View, select the Production tab (upper right corner) then delete the page.
  • Afterwords, switch back to the Staging tab. We always want to be working in Staging. Only on rare occasions we would switch to Production mode.
  • Do not remove the page from the Staging area or it will delete it from Staging and Production and the page will have to be recreated).
  1. Find out which account the website is under.
  2. Locate and contact the account administrator responsible for that account and provide the following:
    1. Persons name who requested you have access.
    2. Provide the account name (e.g. bfa)
    3. Website name in account you will be accessing and files within the website.

When this message appears above a snippet in a page in staging (it will not appear when published), the snippet has been updated. Therefore, you need to replace the snippet in the page with the updated version of that snippet.

Request Support

Need Support

Upon completion of OU Campus Basic Training, contact your OU Campus Account Administrator for further assistance, as needed; user accounts, file access, troubleshooting, guidance, etc.

They will provide assistance for you and/or escalate issues to the OU Campus team, if necessary.

Request Basic Training

  1. Select training category.
  2. Provide website URL (e.g.
  3. If requesting training for multiple people, list all attendees' names and their SDSUids (e.g. [email protected]) under Additional Details.
  4. Include topics to cover if this is not your first training session.