Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts is a system for displaying an Announcement, Warning or Emergency message on a website.

SDSU homepage with active alert

By default, emergency alerts appear on every page on a website. If the ‘Close’ button is selected on an Announcement or Warning message, the message will not be displayed to the current user for some time. (The default times are 30 and 60 minutes, respectively.) Otherwise, the message will pop up on every page visited. Emergency messages are displayed in front of the page's content until the user dismisses them, and will return when the user navigates to another page.

Alerts cannot be limited to a section (e.g. financial-aid) of a website (e.g. student-affairs) but there is an option to limit alerts to a single page. Only users in the site's ou-alert group have authorization to make changes. If assistance is needed, contact your OU Campus Account Administrator.

Access Alert Settings

In the blue global navigation bar at the top:

  1. Add-Ons
  2. Emergency Alerts

ONLY level 8 (and above) users have access to emergency alerts.

Emergency Alerts in the Add-Ons menu