Tools, templates, procedures and resources for OU Account Administrators to assist and support their users.

If any of the following resources are not available or a procedure is not working as expected, send an email to [email protected] for assistance.

Access is controlled on the line of the folder/section you're setting it for (e.g. _resources)
  1. Create a new group limiting it to a few high level users.
  2. From root:mouseover section/folder to be restricted: 
    1. Select: Edit
    2. Access
    3. Change Access Group to newly created  group & Save.

Level 10 users (and to a lesser extent level 9 users) will have access regardless of group restrictions.

  • If you restrict access to the /_resources/ folder, you may want to change the directory variables for "Default Image Folder" and "Default Media Folder", as they are most likely set to /_resources/images and /_resources/files, respectively.
  • Access to the image files in /_resources/ou/templates/ should be left as "Everyone" or the group which controls access to the site, as these images are displayed when someone uses the "New" button to create a new page/section/folder/etc.

A department name change may require modifications to breadcrumbs and navigation.



(Auxiliary, Business & College Template Sets) 

General, business and college template navigation information
Basic guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when implementing OU site.

New OU Account Process
Required information for new accounts.

View template guide for Auxiliary, Business and College templates.

Font Awesome Icons
List of icon options for snippets.

Snippet Portfolio
View available snippet options.