University Computing Services (UCS) provides initial hands-on training for OU Campus Account Administrators.  Account Administrators train their respective area. If you are not an account administrator, please contact them for training, access and support.   

On-site Hands-on Training for OU Account Administrators

Training classes provide instructions on how to create and edit pages and sections; learn about Snippets, Assets and Toolbar options; how to test websites for spelling errors, broken links and accessibility errors; and more. Training sessions are provided by request.


Complete an OU Campus Training Request and we will contact you to schedule a session.

  1. Provide level of training needed.
  2. Website account (e.g. bfa)
  3. Which template (e.g. business, college, etc)
  4. Include topics you want to cover if this is not your first training session.

The training session will be scheduled through Google calendar upon receiving your request. 

We have 6 laptops available for training. Since we create accounts for participants prior to training and resources are  limited, please do not bring unregistered guests. 

Training Videos
OU Campus training videos in the SDSU templates.