Get Started in OU Campus

OU Campus is used by staff/faculty to create official, outward-facing SDSU websites and web pages that are SDSU branded, meet accessibility requirements and render well for mobile devices.

OU campus is supported by University Computing Services, which provides a number of services to support SDSU's web community:

If your division, college or auxiliary is already in OU, contact your OU Account Administrator. If not, management must complete an OU Campus Migration Meeting form to initiate the process of migrating to OU:

A meeting will be scheduled with your web team to discuss the migration process.

Learn about the migration process starting with the preliminary meeting, roles and responsibilities and discussing the migration timeline for planning purposes.

After the development website is turned over to your department and your Account Administrator has established your credentials and trained you, it is time to create a new section and associated pages. 

Login to OU Campus

  1. Open the page you want to edit in a Web browser
  2. Click on the “Last Updated (modified date)” at the bottom of the page
  3. SDSUid Login screen appears, enter your SDSUid username and password
  4. OU Campus dashboard appears, select Content (from blue global navigation bar) then navigate to the page you want to update. Learn more about folders and files.

Rules of Editing

Before editing in OU Campus read about basic edit rules regarding cut and paste, formats, styles and editing in general that requires getting familiar with and adhering to.

Edit Instructions

Step-by-step instructions how to edit in OU Campus along with some standards and guidelines.

Advanced Edits

Advanced edits in OU Campus such as snippets and assets allow you to manage your web pages quickly and easily with drag & drop features and functionality to your web pages.  Add and edit rows and columns, forms, images, calendar, newsfeed, social media, etc. 

Edit Approval (Workflow)

OU Campus has the ability to enforce an edit approval process by restricting users from publishing pages, it's called Workflow. This process is recommended for divisions with access to writing experts.

OU Campus Users

For OU Campus website-related questions, training, user accounts and file access, and technical support, contact your designated OU Account Administrator.

OU Account Administrators

Visit OU Campus on SDSU Intranet to access administrative procedures. If any resources are not available to you or a procedure is not working as expected, complete the OU Campus Support request for assistance.

All faculty and staff who maintain or edit SDSU websites are encouraged to join our Web Community Group and get familiar with Accessibility on SDSU Intranet

Who has already migrated into OU Campus at SDSU?

To view a listing, with links to live sites, see the Implementation Status page.