Web Community Group

Faculty and staff are encouraged to join the SDSU Web Community Group to learn about SDSU Web Accessibility, OU Campus implementation, and other web related topics and updates.

The Web Community Group started in 2013 as a small group to share web accessibility information as part of the CSU Accessibility Technology Initiative. This group meets monthly. As we add other web related topics, and most recently the implementation of OU Campus CMS for SDSU, the membership continues to grow. It is approximately 169 individuals now. The monthly attendance ranges from 30 to 75 people depending on the topic for that month.
  • Invitations to Website-related meetings with colleagues across campus.
  • Get familiar with Accessibility and OU Campus implementation.
  • Learn web related topics and training opportunities.
  • Participate in discussions by asking or answering questions posed to the group (discussion participation is optional).
  • Receive updates: Accessibility Scan/Report deadlines, Compliance Sheriff application updates, ATI Roadmap and Exemption Process, OU Campus Project updates, etc.
  • Opportunities to join ad hoc groups to collaborate on aspects of Website decisions.

Send an email to [email protected] and include your department name and job title.

We will notify you after your membership has been created.

Monthly Web Group Meetings