Follow these required actions to plan and prepare to migrate your website data into OU Campus then production.

  1. After the preliminary migration meeting is scheduled to discuss the process and preparation  topics listed below.
  2. Follow the planning guide
  3. Take the necessary steps before and after going live

Preparation Topics 


  • Discuss your existing and/or new site(s) and URL(s)
  • View Template selection for your new site creation
  • Training and support
  • Determine department website account administrator(s) or liaison(s)
  • Discuss their roles and responsibilities (ours and yours)
  • Establish one or more account administrators with highest level of access (Level 10) for your area who will:
    • Create user accounts (review user levels to decide appropriate  permissions for each user)
    • Grant access and permission
    • Train users/content providers for your department.

For planning purposes

  1. Establish timeline for your web migration and select a tentative go-live date for your website(s).
  2. The site owner must provide a comprehensive list of every current Uniform Resource Locator (URL) (e.g. and provide the path where each page will reside post going live (e.g. View Web URL Redirect Example.
  3. We can help you review the site to ensure the site is functional. 
  4. Go-live date(s) must be confirmed at least 7 days prior to actual launch date to allow time for coordination with the Security Office.