Planning Guide

This guide provides information required to successfully migrate a website into Omni CMS, details how to organize content and request initial training.

After the preliminary migration meeting the department preparation and planning phase begins. A development website will be created for the department's use during this period. It is incumbent on the department to organize the details of their migration.

Required Items

  1. Provide a site map indicating:
    • the main content areas,
    • submenu pages,
    • desired homepage features, and
    • any links to social media.
  2. Comprehensive list of URLs for every page in current website, even if the page will not be included in the new website (they still must be listed for redirect purpose). Web URL Redirect Example

Restructure Content

Websites should be reorganized when redesigning them.

Check out Serenity Now - Redesigning a Website in One Year or Less (video: 30 minutes)

  1. Review your content and decide if it should be public-facing (Omni CMS) or private (SDSU intranet).
  2. If you have not already moved your business-related content (e.g. business procedures, internal documents and forms, etc.) from public websites to the SDSU intranet - do that first. All other internal information not required to be posted on the internet should be moved to the SDSU intranet.
  3. Review the CSU’s Records Retention and Disposition policy to determine whether content can be archived or deleted, if obsolete.

Review the content's Information Architecture (IA) as part of the process of migrating the site into Omni CMS.

Development Website

After the website is ready for the department to populate content, and information architecture is complete, Request Training.

Training is intended to provide account administrators with the information required to train their department personnel.

After Basic Training

Account administrators will need the following information to set up user accounts, permissions, and file access:

  • First and last name(s).
  • SDSUid username(s).
  • Required user level(s).
  • Which group(s) they should be placed in (or what they should have access to edit).

After account access has been configured by the Account Administrator, we recommend the newly trained colleague to start working in Omni CMS right away.


During this process it is vital to get feedback from the targeted audience to ensure the website is user-friendly. Ask readers to find specific content to test the ease of navigation then make adjustments where necessary.