The main navigation menu is handled by a PCF to Include mechanism. Modify the PCF location here:

  • /_resources/includes/main-nav.pcf and publish your changes. By default all pages will load /_resources/includes/main-nav.aspx until the user overrides this using the directory variable main-nav-include for a specific section.
    • Note: All pages will use the include /_resources/includes/_staging/ within the staging environment.
    • Publish the PCF to Include and view the changes on the production server.
    • You get a live preview of the changes while editing the main-nav.pcf, however.
  • Editable regions - The PCF consists of three editable regions and one table transformation snippet.
    • Department Links - An editable region containing li nodes, only li nodes will be copied from this region and rendered into the first column of the drop down menu. Content is the same for all drop downs.
    • Description - The content for the fourth column of the drop do wn. Content is the same for all drop downs.
    • Main Nav - A table transformation snippet consisting of two columns and as many rows and menu items are needed.
      • Column 1 - Menu item titles.
      • Column 2 - A list of links that XSL will split into two columns to render in the second and third columns of the drop downs.
    • Note: The "Stay Connected" contented is being pulled from the include located here /_resources/includes/

Left Navigation Properties (optional) 

Updated in props.pcf (enabled through  Properties option)

  • Section Title - The title for the section in the breadcrumbs.
  • Top Image - The image to appear above page content for all of the pages in a section that have the "Top Image" parameter toggled on and the "Editable Region" parameter toggled off.
  • Sidebar Title - The title of the link appearing above the sidebar navigation.
  • Sidebar Link - The destination for the sidebar title link.
  • Action Buttons - A file chooser to choose the path of the action buttons include file to display for a section when a page's parameter "Action Buttons" is toggled on.
  • Contact Information - Various fields to enter contact information to appear in a page's sidebar when the parameter "Contact Info" is toggle on. 
    • Office Name
    • Office Link
    • Building
    • Room
    • Address
    • Days
    • Hours
    • Phone
    • Fax - Optional
    • Email - Optional Files contain links to pages in a section. JavaScript and XSL will nest a sub-sections link within its parent section links.

Modify changed names in breadcrumbs. 

Update site-level drop-down menu for Business template.

Side and top navigation modifications for college template.