Active Alert

An Active Alert can be edited, deleted, or archived but only one alert can be active at a time.

Edit brings up the same fields as when you created the alert to allow message edits. At this point the Date and Time field now defaults to ‘Custom’ for you to modify time of update.
Delete removes alert permanently.
Archive takes the alert down from the website and moves it to the Archived Alerts folder, from where it can potentially be restored.

Updating an Active Alert

After the initial alert has been posted, administrators can post updates to it by selecting Edit and modifying the original message/time (date?) then Publish.

Updates contain the following fields, with the same functionality as they did when creating a new alert:

  • Title
  • Subtitle (optional)
  • Description
  • Date and Time
    • Use Current Date and Time
    • Custom (default)
  • URL (optional)
  • Social Media (optional) this option only appears when it is set up in the account.
    Social Media: If you have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts configured with your OU Campus account, you can select which ones you want to post to as the alert is published. Selected accounts are automatically enabled for updates on that alert.
    When publishing an alert to a social media channel, only the title and link are posted.

Select Publish when fields are complete. Updates can be edited and deleted. If the original alert is archived, any attached updates are archived with it as well. An alert can be updated multiple times.