What is Web Usability?

Web Usability is a measure of the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which a user can achieve his or her goals on a website. It is important because it's about the users experience. The goal of any organization is to meet their users expectations and needs, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Seven essential tips to improve the usability of your website: 

  1. Reduce page loading times.
  2. Maintain consistency across your site.
  3. Make your site responsive (it renders properly on all platforms; desktop, iPad, cell phone).
  4. Use a familiar navigation layout.
  5. Use headings and subheadings with your content.
  6. Highlight your key features.
  7. Use images but don't overdo it.

Six effective ways to measure website UX (user experience):

  1. Track the amount of time users spend filling out website forms.
  2. Watch how users navigate and interact with the website.
  3. Collect feedback from your customer support/service department.
  4. Pay attention to users questions via phone call, social media, and/or email.
  5. Check site load speed
  6. Do some usability testing