Page Properties allow modifications to the page parameters of an individual page. Enable/Disable (Business Template)

  1. Go into the page to be modified
  2. Check out the page (click on the light bulb, when it turns yellow no one else can access it)
  3. Select Properties option (if #2 and #3 is done out of order than you will need to select Properties again)

Described previously.

Property Options

  • Title – Appears in the browser tab
  • Section Top image – Check to display an image full width at the top of the page. (update image through _props.pcf)
  • Page Heading – Add or modify the heading of page
  • Breadcrumb – This is beneath main navigation (drop down) and above Page Heading and indicates path that lead you to the current page:Display of root/home to left and subusequent sections to get to current page.
  • Grid Regions – To enable/disable more editable regions or modify the column width
  • Sidebar – To Manually edit Side Navigation
  • Action Button – Customizable ‘Log In…’ and ‘I Want to…’ menus appear in left navigation column, when enabled.
  • Contact Info – Office contact information appears in left column, when enabled.