Authorization Requirement

Level 6 (Editor) or higher is authorized to modify file names and sections.

Prior to Renaming Anything (*critical information)

Renaming sections can break websites, page and navigation links. It requires planning and a consultation with your Account Administrator to see if a Domain Name System (DNS) redirect will be required (this will redirect traffic from the old URL to the newly named URL), this change could require updates in _props.pcf (e.g. to modify breadcrumb to match the new page name), (left navigation), main-nav, header or possible footer link update.

  • Notifying the SDSU Web Group when you have made major changes to your website gives them a chance to check and fix any links on their website that may have broken as a result. OU Campus does a good job updating files with an account but it does not fix the links from other OU accounts, external websites, or bookmarked pages with the former
  • Redirects can take up to 48 hours to propagate across the Internet. Please consider the time when implementing these changes and plan accordingly. Avoid making changes at peak time for that website unless it has a full 48 hours to thoroughly propagate world-wide.