Gadgets are programs that provide additional functionality in OU Campus.

The gadget icon Gadget  (looks like a plug) located in the upper right corner of the Page List View:

Described above
Mouse over any icon to learn the name of that icon.
  1. Click on the gadget icon to open the gadget options
  2. Select which arrow to open for more information

    Select drop down arrow to be expanded

    chosen area expanded

    The Gadget options will change based on where you are in OU Campus. Images and page properties will not appear until you are in a page.
  3. Click on Chose Gadgets icon Choose gadgets. to view other options to enable/disable. A popup window will appear as shown below:
    Place check next to each item to be enabled or disabled then Save
  4.  After gadgets have been selected or deselected, you must select Save at the bottom right or those changes will be ignored.