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After all corrections are complete, select the Publish tab. Either choose Run All option or select individual test to run; Spelling, Links, W3C Valid and Accessibility. View errors through ‘Show Results’ and fix them or verify they are false errors (contact your Account Administrator if you need assistance). After errors are checked/fixed, select Publish. The status will appear at the bottom:

Message at the bottom of the page indicates the status “Publish is in progress”.

Publish in progress
“This page has been published successfully and is now live on the web. View in new window” appears at the bottom of the page (it only appears for less than 20 seconds).

View published page.

IMPORTANT: If a runtime error is received the first time a new page is published, publish the of the new section then refresh the browser to fix the error. It may take a few seconds / refreshes before the published page replaces the error message.


If you only have the option to Submit (not Publish), Save a Version Save a version of your edits before submitting them. If your approver rejects your edits this automatically removes the updates you made, whereas saving a version beforehand allows you to go into your saved version to make required updates without starting from scratch. Note: the page must be checked out before Save a Version icon appears.