Business Templates

  1. The links in the black navbar at the top of the page are updated in /_resources/includes/business/ Editing these links is discouraged.
  2. The title bar is located beneath the black navbar and includes the SDSU logo to the left. The SDSU logo is an H1 and links to
  3. The right side of the title bar is used to display a link to the department (usually the main page of the current site or section). This can be modified using the department-name and department-link Directory Variables to set the text and URL, respectively.
  4. The site's main navigation is below the title bar. The main navigation is configured in /_resources/includes/business/main-nav.pcf unless another location is specified using the main-nav-include Directory Variable.
  5. The link/heading (H2) at the top of the left side navigation is set using the Sidebar Title and Sidebar Link fields in the section's _props.pcf.
  6. Breadcrumbs are displayed at the top of the content area (to the right of the side navigation, if present). The text of each section's breadcrumb is set in that seciton's _props.pcf, in the Section Title field. The index.pcf page will use the section's Title, but other pages breadcrumb text may be set in the page's Page properties/Parameters, in the Breadcrumb field under Page Content.
  7. The page's heading (an H2 in the content area) is specified using the Page Heading field under Page Content in the Page Properties/Parameters.
  8. Left navigation may be enabled from the Page Properties/Parameters by checking the box for Display Side Nav under Sidebar. Older templates may require the page to be created as an Interior or Three Column page. The content of the side navigation is normally controlled by editing the file in the section, but it may be edited in the page if the Manual Side Nav option is checked. The nav-start (or navigation-start) Directory Variable may also influence the appearance of the side navigation.
  9. If Contact Info is checked under Sidebar in the Page Properties/Parameters, the contact information in the section's _props.pcf will be displayed below the side navigation. (If Display Side Nav is not checked, this will not be displayed.)
  10. Headings in the main content area should start with H3. Heading levels should follow the structure of the content, using H4 for lower-level headings, followed by H5 and H6, as appropriate.
  11. The right column may be enabled in the Page Properties/Parameters, or a snippet may be used to apply this layout to the main content area.
  12. The footer at the bottom of the page is updated in /_resources/includes/business/footer.pcf.

Website content layout will differ based on properties enabled and the use of snippets, assets, and components. The header, main navigation and footer should remain essentially the same.

Business template layout

Enlarged version of business template layout.

If the main navigation makes use of dropdown menus, these may be made up of 2-4 columns. The first (optional) column is named "Department Links" and can be used to display a list of links. The Department Links column will stay the same regardless of which area of the navigation the user has selected from the top-level menu. The second and third columns are named "Main Nav" and display a list of links based on which area of the navigation the user has selected from the menu. The last (optional) column is named "Description" and allows for a small amount of content to be displayed which will stay the same when the user moves from one part of the menu to the next.

If you do not have access to the files mentioned or source code, contact your Account Administrator for assistance.

Template Change

Over time, the location of the include files in the templates has changed. If your site is using the latest versions of the Business or College templates, the main navigation will be located in a folder named after the template set (e.g. /_resources/includes/college/ or /_resources/includes/business/). On sites using older templates, these files will be located directly in the includes folder (/_resources/includes/).

Additionally, options have been provided in most of the template sets to specify different locations for these files on a site-by-site or section-by-section basis. If you aren't sure of the correct location, contact your account administrator for help.