OU Modules

Modules extend the functionality of the content management system (CMS). Below is a list of modules which SDSU has purchased and the status of the implementation of each module.

Purchased Modules

Implementation Completed

  • Emergency Alerts is a fast and easy method to communicate with a site's users. (Basic implementation complete.)
  • Faculty Directory makes it easier to manage directory information for faculty/staff. (Basic implementation of the Campus Directory complete.)
  • Live Delivery Platform (LDP) allows users to create/manage image galleries and forms.
  • OU Insights scans websites and generates reports to help users with search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility, broken links, and spelling errors. (Currently enabled on live websites.)

Implementation in Progress

  • OU Calendar is an interactive tool to make it easy to share campus events. (Implementation on hold.)
  • OU Blogs has been purchased, but implementation is waiting on design elements from StratComm.