User Levels

User permission levels and responsibilities associated with each level.

User Levels (Permissions)

  • Level 0 permission can review,  publish, and decline edits but cannot perform any of the editing functions. If changes need to take place, the Level 0 user needs to send the page back to the original user to have the edits completed.
  • Can access dashboard/sidebar gadgets, edit pages, edit assets, rebuild RSS feeds, edit RSS items, and view limited reports.
  • Optionally add entries to spellcheck dictionary, edit source code, upload files, delete files, access the recycle bin, overwrite files, or delete assets (all options disabled by default).

Additional capabilities:

  • Can create pages, create new sections/folders, and create assets.
  • Can modify page parameters/properties and upload files.
  • Optionally import zip files.
  • Can delete files, access Recycle Bin, delete directories, move/copy/rename files/directories, copy/rename/delete assets, and assign editing rights (limited).
  •  Can create snippets, assign RSS feeds, ignore group restrictions, configure Tags access, view unlimited/custom reports, and see data for all pages/users in the site.
  • Add entries to spellcheck dictionary and edit source code (by default/not optional).
Create /  Modify
  • Users/Groups
  • Components
  • Asset access
  • Gadgets
  • Site/Account Settings
  • Site access (and site-level directory variables)
  • Site-wide Find and Replace
  • Gadgets from the Marketplace
  • Directory
  • Entire site
  • Tags
  • Custom dictionaries
Social Media / Google Analytics
  • Configure Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics integration
  • Create RSS feeds​​​​

User Roles

Account Administration
  • Site Request
  • Account Settings
  • Add-Ons / Marketplace
Site Administration
  • Template Groups
  • Dictionary
  • Social Media / Analytics Integration
  • Directory Variables
  • Site Settings
User Administration
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Toolbars
  • Access Settings
Site Organization / Information Architecture (IA)
  • Sections vs. Folders
  • Navigation
  • Rename/Move/copy/Delete
  • RSS Feeds
Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)
  • Page Properties
  • File/Section Names
  • Redirect & Rewrite
Site Customization
  • Assets
  • Simple Snippets
  • Local CSS and JavaScript
  • Header/Footer/Navigation
  • Directory Variables
  • Pages
  • Images
  • Binary Files
  • Assets
  • Snippets
  • Preview
  • Page Check
  • Versions
  • Schedule
  • Expire
  • Submit
Log In
  • DirectEdit Link
  • Dashboard Login
Page Status
  • Check Out/In
  • File Locks
  • Scheduled / Expired
  • Workflow Icons
OU Interface
  • Global Navigation
  • Dashboard
  • Gadgets
  • Global Search
  • Required Actions
  • Broken Pages
  • Pending Approvals
  • OU Insights
  • Provide as necessary
  • Technical Assistance
  • Troubleshoot Issues
  • Provide and Maintain Documentation
System Issues
  • Share resources (snippets /assets) with other accounts.
  • Collaborate with Cloud Team/OU to resolve external issues.