User Levels

All user levels (L1+):

  • Can access dashboard/sidebar gadgets, edit pages, edit assets, rebuild RSS feeds, edit RSS items, and view limited reports.
  • Optionally add entries to spellcheck dictionary, edit source code, upload files, delete files, access the recycle bin, overwrite files, or delete assets (all options disabled by default).

Additional capab​ilities:

  • Contributor (L4):

    • Can create pages, create new sections/folders, and create assets.
  • Editor (L6):

    • Can modify page parameters/properties and upload files.
    • Optionally import zip files.
  • Designer (L8):

    • Can delete files, access Recycle Bin, delete directories, move/copy/rename files/directories, copy/rename/delete assets, and assign editing rights (limited).
  • Only Level 9+ (Assistant Admin. and Admin):

    • Can create snippets, assign RSS feeds, ignore group restrictions, configure Tags access, view unlimited/custom reports, and see data for all pages/users in the site.
    • Add entries to spellcheck dictionary and edit source code (by default/not optional).
  • ​Only Level 10:

    • configure Site/Account Settings
    • configure Asset access
    • configure Site access (and site-level directory variables)
    • install gadgets from the Marketplace
    • manage/create/delete Tags
    • publish directory
    • publish entire site
    • create/modify Users/Groups
    • site-wide Find and Replace
    • configure Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics integration
    • configure Gadgets
    • manage custom dictionaries
    • create RSS feeds​​​​